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I thought you came to see her. I can't find my briefcase. I'm the one that convinced Dylan to join the army. She is cooking for him. Have you watched it? Edwin will explain everything to you later. We've got to get back to work. He was thinking strange thoughts. Leigh seemed relieved to see me.

The city of Mito was crowded with blossom viewers.

Life is tough. The company's financial year runs from April until March of the following year. Please, by all means, drop in when you go shopping. She's writing a book.

There is only a week left before the examination. Would you please help me with this? You always blame me for your unhappiness. What is the worth of a jar full of pennies? I knew I couldn't trust them. You worked for her, didn't you? Every day, I spend hours doing nothing of import. The room was bare.

You don't even know who sent this to you. Could you place your bags on the scale, please? We are at the end of the Age of Pisces and will be entering the Age of Aquarius. Not knowing what to do, I did nothing. Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life. Chip bought Cecilia a diamond necklace. I know that Brender is more beautiful than me. We've hired them. Thank you for your consideration.

The guy standing over there is Tai. This is clearly Emet! So there is a problem... How long have you been in this game? Kristi reminds me of his father.

It seems like Stephe doesn't really want to do this.

Kimberly currently manages a hotel not too far from here. I'm with my family right now. I told you not to talk to Edmund. All this is for my personal use. It's dangerous to perform this acrobatic act without a safety net. Sal keeps dreaming about buying a new car. Can I park my car here? What's in it for you? In the postbiological era, synthetic bodies became the new home of human minds.

As I read through the letters, I realized that the Pope was the true culprit.

Jess is a patient woman. Lorien hates secrets. My mother said that with a smile. It's time to get up. Floyd is your uncle, isn't he? If that is the real aim, naturally I would not know about that. There's no need to worry about me. Lucy has about the same number of friends as me.

I'm not interested in finding out who my birth parents are. The company will advertise its new product on television. A Mr Brown wants you on the phone. Lately I've been finding everything boring. I'll tell you later. I really had a good time today. If it snows on the mountain, it is cold in the valley. I'm not rolling up their carpets.

It's a steal. I should probably help Tony. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

I'll find him. Watch out for him. That guy can really hold a grudge. Give me the report. Doesn't it look like a mirror? Rajiv will alert Briggs.

That chick is fucking hot! The car veered out of control and ploughed into a group of people at a bus stop. He is just an ordinary person. Louie was unsuccessful. Many friends of my youth also came. Some people started crying.

When the fire broke out, he was sound asleep. Then arose the question of where we were to get the necessary machinery. That'll make Amarth very happy. Do you think Stevan will actually do all that? He said that he was hungry.

Why was the Egyptian boy confused? His daddy was really a mummy. The prolonged drought did severe damage to crops. There's one left. Gill is helping me. He parked his car in front of the building. I have a package for her. I never know what you boys are up to. I felt refreshed after showering. We've made too many bad decisions. I ran for mayor.